Large & Bespoke Industrial Ovens

JG_LargeOvens_Leaflet Capacities from 200 to 1250 Litres Custom build up to 6,000 litres also available Stainless Steel Chamber with Fan circulation and shelves Digital microprocessor control Heavy Duty Hinges Safety thermostat with indicator Optional programmable controllers and extraction units Made to order in the UK normally 5-6 weeks lead time

Binder VDL Series Safety Vacuum Ovens

BINDER VDL Safety Vacuum Drying Oven

Safety vacuum drying oven for flammable solvents.

A BINDER safety vacuum drying oven of the VDL series ensures maximum safety when drying organic solvents standard with TÜV/GS. The inner chamber of the VDL safety vacuum drying oven is designed according to ATEX guidelines 94/9/EG Ex II -/3G IIB T3-T1 Gc X.

Binder VD Series Vacuum Ovens

BINDER VD Series Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum drying oven for non-flammable solvents.

A BINDER vacuum drying oven of the VD series is impressive while gently drying with its homogeneous temperature distribution. The patented expansion shelf technology from BINDER ensures optimal heat transfer. The shelves are easy to position where required and the inner chamber of the vacuum drying oven is easy to clean.

Binder FED Series Laboratory Ovens


Heating chamber with mechanical convection.

The multi-talented BINDER heating chamber of the FED series provides almost unlimited capacity and is particularly adaptable. With advanced timing functions and a digitally controllable fan, this heating chamber easily controls temperature and convection conditions.

Binder FD Series Ovens


Heating oven with mechanical convection.

A BINDER FD series heating oven is ideal when fast drying and sterilization is required. Thanks to its fully homogeneous temperature distribution, quick dynamics and powerful fan, this heating oven saves valuable time.

Binder ED Series Ovens

Laboratory Ovens

Heating oven with natural convection

The strength of the BINDER ED series heating oven: routine drying and sterilization applications up to 300 °C. Thanks to the gravity convection, thermal processes are highly efficient for this heating oven. A BINDER ED heating oven ensures fast, uniform drying.

Salvislab Vacucenter Vacuum Ovens

The SalvisLab Vacucenter represents the optimal solution for oxidation sensitive substances and thermally instable products. It provides precise thermal conditions in dust-free vacuum atmosphere. The carefully designed wall heating system can be controlled within 0.1°C and ensures stable temperature conditions over the entire shelf area ranging up to + 200°C.

Salvislab Thermocenter Ovens

Swiss Made multipurpose drying and heating cabinets in a range of sizes with advanced touch screen controllers, programmability and timer functions.

Highly Recommended.

Service & UKAS Calibration

  We specialise in the maintenance, repair and calibration of Ovens, Environmental Chambers, Corrosion testing chambers (including Salt Spray and Kesternich SO₂), Textile testing equipment and specialist equipment used in Forensic Laboratories. Our Engineers are experienced and specifically trained in the repair and maintenance of Binder GmbH Ovens and Chambers. UKAS Calibration Laboratory No. 0661 […]