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IST Solvent Reclaimers

Why Solvent Distillation?

The solvents used in industry are proving to be more and more a problem for the preservation of the environment, for the rising of purchasing and disposal costs, and last but not least, for the health of users

The distillation of solvents on site is the solution to your problems.

  • Reduces Costs for the purchase of solvents
  • Reduces Disposal costs
  • Reduces the storage of hazardous waste
  • Helps you to obtain ISO 14001 certification

IST Solvent Reclaimer

General Functioning

IST systems are able to distil all types of liquid solvents used in various industrial processes, allowing their reuse.

All IST distillers are built with the best materials and components on the market: tank in stainless steel AISI 304, copper or stainless steel condenser, air or water-cooled; armoured heating elements in carbon steel with a tungsten filament, with integrated safety thermostat; electrical panel in cast aluminium (thickness 20 mm) with protective glass (thickness 10 mm) for the Touch Screen display with backlight.
The robust powder-coated steel ensures durability over the years, in any application.

The product to be treated is inserted in the tank and heated up to the boiling point. During this phase, the solvent vapours are created separately from the pollutant, which remains inside the tank. The vapours are condensed so to obtain liquid distilled solvent out from the machine.

As the distillation process is purely physical (change of state), the chemical properties of the initial product are not altered.

IST Solvent Reclaimer

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