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  1. 1000 cP to 300,000 cP
  2. 1000 cP to about 200,000 cP
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  4. 50,000 cP to around 1,500,000 cP
  5. 50,000 cP to around 10,000,000 cP
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IBC-Container stirrer GMEC
  1. GMEC 75.1
  2. GMEC75.1 ATEX
  3. GMEC150.1
  4. GMEC150.1FU
  5. GMEC150.1ATEX
IBC Container stirrer SMEC
  1. SMEC55.6 ATEX
  2. SMEC75.4 1Ph
  3. SMEC75.4-FU
  4. SMEC75.4 ATEX
  5. SMEC150.4
  6. SMEC150.4 1 Ph
  7. SMEC150.4 ATEX
  8. SMEC150.4 FU
  9. PMLEC4
  10. SMEC75.4

Over 50 years supplying Industrial & Production Mixing Equipment

For over 50 years John Godrich have been supplying high quality European production mixing equipment. Today it is CE marked and is available conforming to ATEX or GMP standards as required.

We can provide a wide range of mixers, stirrers and dispersers: butterfly mixers, turnkey mixers, hygienic mixers, press-out systems, satellite motion stirrers & many more. 

View our full range below:



We offer a wide variety of industrial mixers: twin, butterfly, turnkey mixers & many more.  All our mixers are
High Shear Dispersers

High Shear Dispersers

A high shear disperser is a type of industrial mixer that utilizes a disc shaped blade that is mounted on the end of t
Stirrers & Agitators

Stirrers & Agitators

At John Godrich, we work with the best and the most experienced brands in industrial mixing manufacturing. One of our
Satellite Motion Mixers

Satellite Motion Mixers

Advantages Enables mixing/kneading and deaeration of high-viscous liquids, which was either not possible or took a
Jet Aeration and Jet Mixing

Jet Aeration and Jet Mixing

Mass Transfer Systems offers jet mixing systems in different configurations such as directional and bi-directional jet m
Solvent Recovery

Solvent Recovery

DISTIL EXHAUSTED SOLVENTS INSTEAD OF DISPOSING OF THEM Low cost and immediately reduces running costs Easy to use,
Vessel and IBC Washing

Vessel and IBC Washing

C.E.B. Impianti – Machines and Lines for automated washing processes Please view below the range of washing