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VELP Scientifica is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of analytical instruments and laboratory equipment that has made an impact on the worldwide market with Italian products renowned for innovation, design and premium connectivity. 

Together, with VELP Scientifica and other brands, we offer a line of laboratory stirrers: hot plate stirrers, overhead stirrers or magnetic stirrers & more.

You can explore our range of stirrers and agitators below:

Propeller Stirrers

Propeller Stirrers

High-Quality Propeller Stirrers by VELP Scientifica and Fluko.
Stand Mounted Stirrers

Stand Mounted Stirrers

We can produce provide stirrers to fit individual production conditions and customer expectations. Our product solution
Overhead Stirrers

Overhead Stirrers

John Godrich offers a complete range of overhead stirrers with electronic adjustment, for a variety of needs in terms of
Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic Stirrers

A magnetic stirrer, also known as a magnetic mixer, is a laboratory device that uses a rotating magnetic field to cause
Heated Magnetic Stirrers

Heated Magnetic Stirrers

Our hotplates and hotplate stirrers are available in a variety of formats and offer cutting-edge technology in single or