Above Ambient Incubators

Above ambient incubators, also known as microbiological incubators or standard incubators, contain heating elements and can only provide incubation temperatures that are higher than the ambient temperature. If the laboratory's ambient temperature is around 22°C, they can only address incubation temperatures above about 27°C or even 30°C.

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  1. SalvisLab IC 40 Incucenter Incubator
    SalvisLab IC 40 Incucenter Incubator

    SalvisLab IC Incucenter is highly accurate and specially designed for incubation in clinical and industrial laboratories. The exclusive IntelliFan-System provides uniform and constant level temperature conditions at all locations within the chamber – independent of load. High degree of precision is warranted over the full temperature range. The inner door made of safety glass permits optical process monitoring without heat loss. For decontamination purposes, the units can be heated up to + 110°C.

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