Ingtec Technology AG - Mixing and Kneading Systems

Ingtec supply mixing technology of the highest Swiss quality geared to defence and aerospace industries that require equipment which is CE marked, ATEX conforming and capable of being operated remotely.

Ingtec Technology AG - Mixing and Kneading Systems

Ingtec Equipment

This equipment is suitable for paste-like products, through to nearly solid, damp powder or crumble-like mixtures. Heating and cooling jackets allow temperature sensitive products to be manufactured in a controlled manner. Vacuum equipment and over pressure inerting with nitrogen or argon will allow humidity sensitive products to be produced. Ingtec equipment processes solid mixtures requiring very high torque mixing with specially designed shovel-like blades. It is suitable for:

  • High solid mixtures

  • Chewing gums

  • Polymer base high energy materials including explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnics.

Ingtec are among the chosen few world class companies who can supply the equipment with the design of the planetary action which makes it impossible to have pinch points, ensuring no shocks or sudden overheating of materials. John Godrich offers this range of equipment from laboratory size and up to 2 ton batches.

Ingtec supply mixing technology


Ingtec supply mixing technology

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