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Zehntner ZMG 2151 Multi Purpose Gauge

Multi-purpose surface coating test equipment: Cross-cut tester for adhesion, applicator for preparation of wedge-shaped layers, levelling applicator for determination of levelling properties and wet-film thickness gauge.

Very useful stainless steel, multi-purpose tool for cross cut adhesion, wet film thickness, levelling and wedge application.

6 different cross-cut tests with easy positioning by use of a vision panel integrated in one instrument, including the lattice pattern with 11 cuts according to ASTM D 3359.

The comb gauge is a ruler with a series of teeth. The two outer teeth form a baseline. The inner teeth between are progressively shorter so that a range of gaps between the teeth and the baseline results. For each tooth the distance to the baseline is indicated.

Available with or without magnifier and brush.

Standard delivery:

• 1 multi-purpose gauge
• 1 NT-cutter with 9 mm (0.35“) width of edge
• 1 roll adhesive tape ACC753 (length: 50 m (164 ft), width: 25 m (0.98“))
• 1 instruction manual
• 1 carrying case


ASTM D 3359
ASTM D 6677
ISO 2409
ISO 2808

Warranty: none



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