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Velp SP 311 Peristaltic Pumps

VELP Scientifica has developed a range of peristaltic pumps useful for transferring liquids in industry sectors like pharmaceutical, food, biotechnological, chemical, beverage.

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Simple Operation

  • Minimum maintenance (just replace the tube)
  • Easy cleaning – no contact of liquid and mechanical parts
  • Tubing (2 diameters available) resists most chemicals

Reliable Performance

  • Electronic speed control
  • Able to pump from 10 meters depth

Choice of Models

  • SP 311/2 with variable flow rate 2 – 35 liters/minute
  • SP 311/6 with variable flow rate 6 – 135 liters/minute
  • SP 311/12 with variable flow rate 20 – 240 liters/minute
  • SP 311/60 with variable flow rate 125 – 1000 liters/minute


    • Consider additional silicone tubing

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