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QNix 8500 Coating Thickness Gauge

Advanced modular coating thickness measuring system with interchangeable probes. Suitable for a wide range of applications.

QNix® 8500 system – Coating thickness measurement for a wide range of applications:

  • modular gauge system with interchangeable probes with a maximum measuring range of up to 5,000 µm
  • thumb-sized wireless probe allowing for use in areas with difficult access
  • pen probe for small parts and thin coating layers
  • high measuring speed (up to 120 readings/min)
  • memory capacity with a maximum of up to 30,000 measurements up to 200 batches
  • software for statistical analysis and documentation
  • improved shock sensitivity thanks to optional protective rubber cover with Velcro strip
  • easy-to-use
  • no calibration required
  • high measuring accuracy
  • long lasting measuring head with ruby tip
  • quality ‘made in Germany’ with 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

Scope of supply

  • QNix® 8500 gauge (Basic or Premium versions)
  • optional measuring probe
  • adapter cable for external probe (not for wireless probe)
  • QNix® Software and USB dongle (for Premium version)
  • testing certificate for optional measuring probe
  • Fe and NFe reference plates
  • 2 x 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries
  • user manual
  • soft pouch with belt clip
  • plastic case for transport and storage


  • rubber protective rubber case with Velcro strip
  • certified foils in various thicknesses

 Range of probes

    • standard probe and wireless probe
    • Fe probe till 2 mm
    • Fe probe till 5 mm
    • NFe probe till 2 mm
    • dual probe till Fe 2 mm/NFe 2 mm
    • dual probe till Fe 5 mm/NFe 2 mm
    • dual probe till Fe 5 mm/NFe 5 mm
    1. pen probe MI till Fe 500 µm

QNix 8500 Pen Probe MI Fe 500 µm – for precision measurements on small parts or near edges

  • magnetic inductive, rugged measuring probe thanks to stainless steel finish
    with a measuring range of up to 500 µm
  • measurement of thin, non ferromagnetic metal coatings
    (e.g. chromium, copper, zinc)
  • measurement of paint, enamel or copper coatings
    on ferromagnetic substrates
  • optional accessory: measuring stand and sample holders

QNix 8500 wireless probe – innovative, wireless coating thickness measurement

  • wireless probe for stable and safe measurements – even in areas with difficult access – easy-to-use, only 30 g wieght
  • available as Fe, NFe and dual probe with a maximum of up to 5,000 µm measuring range
  • with high measuring accuracy
  • wireless probe is charged via gauge
  • at least 2000 readings without re-charging

QNix 8500 Software

User-friendly PC software supplements the QNix® 8500 coating thickness measuring system. It provides many options for practical documentation, data analysis and gauge configuration.

  • wireless 2-way communication between PC and gauge
    via USB dongle
  • reading of gauge memory
  • simple data export to the Excel spread sheet program
  • preset standard analysis with representation of readings and graphics
  • configuration of gauge using PC
  • supports all common languages
  • online measurements


Data Sheet


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