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We offer a wide variety of laboratory mixers: twin, butterfly, planetary and press-out mixers. 

All our mixers are manufactured by expert brands with many years of experience. Our main provider of industrial mixers is PC Laborsystem, which has specialised in the development and production of customised mixing, dosing and filling systems in a laboratory and pilot plant.

Contact us for expert advice and further product information.

Butterfly Mixers

Butterfly Mixers

Butterfly mixers are used to homogeneously mix products containing viscous (liquid) substances. The solids are sheared o
Twin & Multiple Shaft Mixers

Twin & Multiple Shaft Mixers

Twin Shaft Disperser is used in the production of high viscosity materials such as sealants, polyester putties, coatings
Planetary Mixers

Planetary Mixers

High-quality, industrial Planetary Mixers are designed to mix medium to larger viscous matter, typically up to 40 litres
Press-Out Systems

Press-Out Systems

Designed and constructed according to European regulations in terms of safety and environmental respect, available in t