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At John Godrich, we work with the best and the most experienced brands in industrial mixing manufacturing. One of our key brands is FLUK, with 20 years of experience. 

The company has developed high-shear mixing equipment, micro-structured mixing equipment, new blade mixing equipment and other mixing and strengthening equipment and their application technologies.

Browse through the different stirrers & agitators categories and choose the one that best covers your mixing  needs:

Container Stirrer

Container Stirrer

Container/IBC Stirrers for processing in the container Electric and pneumatic. We provide different stirrers: for high
Compact Stirrer

Compact Stirrer

Compact stirrers are constructed for non pressurised vessels whether they are open or closed. The mounting is made direc
Drum Stirrer

Drum Stirrer

When the contents of a drum must be thoroughly mixed before being pumped out, a Drum Stirrer is ideal.
Foil Stirrers

Foil Stirrers

Low shear agitators are designed for mixing miscible liquids and dissolving solids that are unlikely to agglomerate. 
Stand Mounted Stirrers

Stand Mounted Stirrers

Stand stirrers to fit individual production conditions Thanks to the extreme adaptability of the tried and tested techn
Propeller Stirrers

Propeller Stirrers

Propeller type stirrer is a kind of industrial and lab equipment, which is mainly made of stainless steel, its strong st
Pneumatic Stirrer

Pneumatic Stirrer

Pneumatic agitators or stirrers, also known as air motor agitators mixers, are air-powered mixing machines. The agitator