Zehntner ZAA2600 Automatic Applicator

A new concept in automatic film application and coatings test equipment. With graphic Touchscreen control and memory for test parameters.
Capable of a large speed range and thanks to its modular construction can be used with various accessories for multiple applications such as drying time recording, scratch and rub testing in addition to precise reproducible film application. Can also be used with optional vacuum and heated vacuum plates.

Zehntner ZMK 5050-5054 Road Marking Test Kits

Handy kits, specially designed for quality control of road markings with the entire range of measuring and test equipment for determination of wet film thickness, dry film thickness (only ZMK 5051-5053), temperature, relative humidity as well as the amount and embedding of drop-on-materials

Zehntner ZMG 2151 Multi Purpose Gauge

Multi-purpose surface coating test equipment: Cross-cut tester for adhesion, applicator for preparation of wedge-shaped layers, levelling applicator for determination of levelling properties and wet-film thickness gauge.