Zehntner ZGM1130 Glossmeter

A great new addition to Zehntner’s range of quality precision gloss meters, the ZGM1130 features a 2.4″ colour touch screen display and extremely fast measurement time, allowing continuous gloss reading with the instrument in motion.

Export of data in CSV format via USB, allows export of data directly to a spreadsheet.

Tolerance memory with colour coded pass/ fail indication.


Precise Gloss Measurement for Small Parts & Curved Surfaces!

Zehntner ZGM1110 and ZGM1120 compact precision gloss-meters have proved popular in the automotive industry for quality control of many curved or shaped plastic parts. They are also used for diverse applications where a very limited or curved measurement area is all that is available, for example chocolate bars. Measurement areas are only 2mm wide and at 60° measuring angle 4.7mm […]