Velp UDK169 Distillation Unit with AUTOKJEL

A fully automatic Kjeldahl distillation with integrated colorimetric titrator and including the Velp autokjel autosampler, for high sample throughput, maximum flexibility and unattended operation.

A fully automatic Kjeldahl distillation with integrated colorimetric titrator and including the Velp autokjel autosampler, for high sample throughput, maximum flexibility and unattended operation.

Automated Operation

  • Continuous process for 24 x 250 ml or 21 x 400 ml samples
  • Programmable boric acid, water, sodium hydroxide addition
  • Not necessary to set distillation time when titrating
  • Incorporates an AOAC recommended colorimetric titrator
  • Selectable steam generation output level 10% – 100%
  • Auto removal of residues from titrator & sample tube

High Tech

  • Connection to autosampler for unattended operation
  • 6 inch color touch screen
  • Library of 55 programs (31 pre-defined, 24 customizable)
  • Choice of 6 languages – from a wide range downloadable
  • Balance, mouse & printer connections
  • No loss of nitrogen: distillate temperature stays below threshold
  • Accurate dosing of reagents with high precision pumps

Versatile Data Handling

  • Multiple data interfaces: Ethernet, USB and RS 232C
  • On-board archiving of data including from balance
  • Data exporting to pen drive or PC in .xls format
  • Data manipulation software can be user preferred

Outstanding Reliability

  • Maintenance-free, resistant, patented steam generator
  • Patented titanium condenser for unmatched performance
  • Durable technopolymer splash head
  • Chemically-resistant technopolymer housing

Operator Safety

  • Lever operation simplifies tube insertion / removal (all sizes)
  • Protection screen for distillation chamber
  • Drip tray collects splashes
  • Zero pressure steam generator

Ecology & Standards

  • Performs to AOAC, EPA, DIN and ISO standards
  • Incorporates TEMS™ technology* Automated water supply control reduces consumption
Structure: Corrosion-resistant technopolymer
Display: 6" color touch screen
Time related to start for Devarda alloy analysis: 0 – 99 min
Protocol library: 55 methods: 31 pre-installed + 24 customizable
Reproducibility (RSD): ≤ 1 %
Recovery: ≥ 99.5 % at nitrogen levels between 1 and 200 mg N
Detection limit: ≥ 0.1 mg N
Power: 2200 W
Weight: 31 kg / 68.3 lb
Dimensions (WxHxD): 385x780x416 mm (15.2x30.7x16.4 in)
Analysis time: from 4 minutes (including titration)
Sodium hydroxide addition: automatic
Water addition: automatic
Boric acid addition: automatic
Sodium hydroxide volume: 0 - 150 ml
Water volume: 0 - 200 ml
Boric acid volume: 0 - 100 ml
Distillation and titration residues removal: automatic
Steam flow regulation: from 10 to 100 %
Tap water consumption: from 0,5 l/min at 15 °C – from 1 l/min at 30 °C
Connections: Ethernet, 2 x USB and RS232 for PC, printer, mouse, pen drive, balance
On-board archive for data storage
UDK 169 & AutoKjel
Autosampler capacity: 24-pos. carousel, 250 ml test tubes (included with AutoKjel) 21-pos. carousel, 400 ml test tubes (optional)
Power: 2250 W
Weight: 131 kg (288.8 lb)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 830x1730x640 mm (32.7x68.1x25.2 in)
Tanks included


A00001080   10001106   10000247   10004936   40001797  
A00001080Test tube ø 42x300 mm
10001106Collecting flask 250 ml
10000247Pincer for test tubes
10004936Touch pen
40001797Protective film for touch screen


A00001083   A00001088   A00000144   A00000146   A00000185  
A00001083Test tube Ø 80x300 mm for alcohol determination
A00001088Test tube Ø 48x260 mm
A00000144Test tube Ø 42x300 mm 250 ml, 3 pcs/box
A00000146Test tube Ø 26x300 mm 100 ml, 6 pcs/box
A00000185Test tube Ø 50x300mm, 400ml
A00000206   A00000043   A00000005   A00001009   A00000195  
A00000206Spacer for test tube Ø 48x260 mm
A00000043Test tube connection Ø 26 mm, Ø 48 mm and 500 ml Kjeldahl balloon
A00000005Connection Cable, RS232 for balance
A00001009Printer (connection cable included)
A00000195Printer Adapter USB-RS232
A00000254   A00000256   A00000082   A00000285   A00000264  
A00000254IQ/OQ/PQ UDK 169 Manual
A00000256IQ/OQ AutoKjel Manual
A00000082Kjeldahl balloon, 500ml
A00000285Alcoholic strenght kit
A00000264H3BO3 tank (5-liter) with caps
A00000265   A00000266   A00000267   A00000215   A00000247  
A00000265NaOH tank (10-liter) with caps
A00000266H2O tank (20-liter) with caps
A00000267Residues tank (20-liter) with caps
A00000215Waterproof mouse
A00000247AutoKjel carousel for 21x400 ml tubes
A00000316   A00000255              
A00000316Vreceiver - Boric Acid Powder with Indicator for colorimetric titration
A00000255Test Tube Guide Ø 50 AUTOKJEL