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Ex Demo Velp Stirrers & Heating Plates

Ex Demo Velp Scientifica Stirring Line Equipment, offered at reduced prices. May not be the latest model.

Velp MST Magnetic Stirrer F203A0160. variable speed up to 1100rpm, stirring volume up to 5 Litres.

Velp Magnetic Stirrer F203A0160.2_600

Price £40

Velp Classic ZX Vortex Mixer F202A0173 15W 0-3000 rpm.

Velp ZX Classic Vortex Mixer F202A0173 1_600

2 Available Priced at £100 ea

Velp AGE type Magnetic Stirrer up to 1200 rpm and 8 litres

Velp Magnetic Stirrer AGE.1_600

Price £90

Velp Digital Heated Ceramic plate type REC (F20700080)

Velp Digital Ceramic Heating Plate REc F20700080.2_600

Price £170

Prices do not include VAT or P&P.


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