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Velp FIWE Raw Fibre Extractors

The FIWE range are suitable for raw fibre determination, conventionally known as indigestible residue.

Raw fibre determination is useful for nutritional, economic and legislative aspects.

FIWE performs single or sequential extraction including boiling, rinsing and filtration phases

Fiber Analysers – FIWE Series

Fiber Analyzers that use pre-heated reagents for fiber analysis according to Weende, Van Soest and other official methods.

High Performance

  • Rapid analysis – 2 hours vs. 6 hours with manual systems
  • Reliable results
  • High reproducibility
  • Back-pressure pump prevents clogging of crucibles


  • Total raw fiber extraction using Weende technique
  • Neutral & acid detergent fiber with NDF, ADF, Van Soest extractions
  • Acid detergent lignin extraction with ADL & Van Soest methods
  • Fiber fraction analysis (cellulose, hemicellulose & pectin)
  • Links boiling, rinsing and filtration
  • Single or multiple samples can be processed

Full System

  • Reagent preheating on RC 2 hotplate (provided)
  • Same crucibles used for weighing, drying & washing – no loss

Choice of Models

  • FIWE is available in different configurations:
    FIWE 3, a 3-position raw fiber analyzer
    FIWE 6, a 6-position raw fiber analyzer


  • Combine with COEX for cold extraction before fiber analysis


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