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Velp Consumables For Digesters

Reagent Tablets and Nitrogen-free Weighing Boats for reliable Kjeldahl digestion.

Tablets used in agricultural chemistry, clinical chemistry and petrochemistry and for analyzing foods and animal feeds.

Weighing boats are used for syrupy substances, viscoses, pulps and also powders that sometimes present problems at the time of the quantitative transfer into mineralization test tubes

Convenient Format Tablets

  • Accelerate, simplify and standardizing Kjeldahl digestion
  • Packaged in pre-dosed tablets
  • Prevent operational errors
  • Speeds up the analytical process
  • 1,000 pcs/box

Quality Nitrogen-Free Weighing Boats

  • Manufactured at VELP Scientifica
  • No effect when digested with the sample
  • Ensure accurate organic nitrogen determination


  • Buy the antifoam tablets when analysing high fat content samples
  • Prevent foaming by ramping the temperature


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