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Liebisch Constacon® Condensation Water Cabinets (ISO 6270-2)

High quality extremely durable German made condensation water chambers for carrying out tests such as ISO 6270-2.

Condensed water is generated on the test samples at a chamber temperature of 40°C.

Demineralized water is loaded into the chamber and heated for evaporating. The relative humidity is appr. 100%. Periods of high humidity can be combined with periods of ventilation or cooling down.

This series are manually operated cabinets or chests of type M-SC and M-TR, for performing of condensation water tests such as DIN EN ISO 6270-2 (without pollution gas). The Constanzo® desk top unit (300L) can also be used for condensation water tests with or without pollution gas.

Liebisch chambers can be supplied in cabinet SC or chest TR forms and in a range of chamber volumes.

Chambers can be manually (M) or automatically (A) controlled and have a choice of operating systems, each system being donated by a letter of the alphabet. System K is condensation water. System B is ventilation.

Hence a K400 M-SC unit is a condensation water chamber of 400L internal capacity which is manually controlled (M) and in cabinet form (SC)

Constacon® types suitable for condensation water tests are listed below.

Constacon/Constasal_SC brochure

Constacon/Constasal_TR brochure

Corrosion Testing Equipment 2012

  • K400 M-SC/TR
  • K1000 M-SC /TR
  • K2000 M-SC
  • K2500 M-TR
Cabinet SC or Chest TR type units with 400/1000/2000/2500 litres test chamber volume without ventilation.
  • KB400 M-SC/TR
  • KB1000 M-SC/TR
  • KB2000 M-SC
  • KB2500 M-TR
Cabinet SC or Chest TR type units with 400/1000/2000/2500 litres test chamber volume with ventilation.


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