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Kern Platform Scales

Platform scales find very wide application in industry for weighing larger items at floor or bench level.

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  • DE-D – Popular platform scales with dust and water resistant display device – optional rechargeable battery operation.
  • DS/DS-M – Industrial scale with laboratory accuracy and EC type approval.
  • EOA/EOE – Parcel scale for fast and easy weighing in office and despatch.
  • EOB/EOS – best selling parcel and veterinary scale with XL platform.
  • EOB/EOS- F – Radio platform scales – no cable between scale and display unit.
  • IFB – Robust platform scale with EC type approval.
  • IKT – Premium touchscreen balance with large range of functions and EC type approval.
  • ILT – State of the art premium platform scale for demanding processes.
  • SFE – IP65 dust and spray protection and EC type approval
  • SFB – Stainless Steel balances with IP65 dust and spray protection and EC type approval.
  • IXS – Stainless steel with IP68 protection XL display and EC type approval.

A number of models are available within each range.

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