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CEB Impianti Pan Washer EWB/S

Pan and Open Top Container Washing Machine using double system of brushes and water or solvent.

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EWB (details)

EWB = machine with double brush heads and head for washing of IBC containers on pallets in plastic or steel. .

Available in two versions:

EWB / S =
  With the use of solvent

EWB / A =  With the use of water.

‘s new car model EWB (Patent Pending) comes from careful studies and research aimed at reclaiming containers used for storage , or preparation of products up to now defined as “difficult” to wash, with the only action of brushes or head spraying nozzle EWB, reclamation containers with a combined action of the brushes and the head mounted on the same closing flange, the ‘aggressive action of the brushes used to remove residues more difficult, while the use of the head keeps the container clean. At the end of each cycle also the brushes are automatically cleaned. The machine works in a closed circuit, making it safe and simple to use.




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