QNix CarCheck System Plus - Paint Coating Measuring System

Specialist coating thickness gauge for automotive industry, including dual probe Fe/Nfe 5000μm/5000μm, probe cable, wireless interface USB and software

Specialist paint measuring system: freely configurable for expert reports on cars, supported by images and data.

  • easy and intuitive to use hand held gauge with menu navigated measuring system
  • also usable for individual measurements
  • large measuring range of up to 5 mm total coating thickness
  • automated substrate recognition (Fe/NFe)
  • no time consuming calibration with reference foils
  • reliable, rugged gauge with high accuracy
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty – „made in Germany“
  • probe cable for tight and not easily visible areas (included in the standard scope of supply)

With CarCheck System PLUS you can measure the coating thicknesses of car coatings on metal substrates, supported by images and data, simply by using user-friendly and configurable menu navigation and automated documentation.

The integration of original photos in a report provides safety for evaluations of high value and vintage cars, as well as estimations for accident damage and insurance claims.

Distinctive benefits of the CarCheck gauge

  • Gauge with menu-navigated measuring system – easy and intuitive to use
  • Also provides single measurements
  • Large measuring range: up to 5000 μm (5mm) total coating thickness
  • Automated substrate recognition (Fe/NFe)
  • No time consuming calibration with reference foils
  • Rugged high precision device
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty – “Made in Germany”
  • Probe cable for tight and difficult-to-observe spots (included in scope of supply)

Working with jobs

A “Job” is the complete measurement of a car. The gauge stores the measurements of up to 10 jobs at the same time. It also is capable of storing measurements of testing areas (car component types) easily named by users as required. You can name a car component type “Engine Hood” for instance, in order to relate the measurements stored within that particular testing area to the corresponding car part.


Communication between gauge and computer

Bidirectional communication between Gauge and PC via wireless interface:

  • Instead of creating a measuring task with the gauge, use the convenient PC software. After entering the parameters, send the information from the PC to the gauge by the click of a button.
  • All measurements recorded for different car parts (such as fender or engine hood) are stored within the gauge and transmitted to the documentation and management software via the USB wireless adaptor. Here, you can also embed the original photo of the car to be measured within the log.


Distinctive benefits of the CarCheck Software:

Entering and editing data the easy way

  • Enter, store and manage car and client information of the measurement
  • Create and manage car part markings used
  • Import and export single reports and the data base (data of all reports)

Convenient and secure: wireless data transfer

  • Synchronization of job information between gauge and PC

  • Transmission of measurements to the PC

Freely configurable

  • Determine the testing task freely
  • Select the definition and number of car parts freely
  • Arbitrary number of measurements on a car part

Individual allocation of measurements to an image

  • Free placement of measurements on an image selected by the user (e.g. original photo of the car to be measured)

  • Automated placement of measurements within a grid predetermined by the user.

Create a measuring report easy and fast

  • Add images to a report for explanatory purposes using a commentary

  • Individualize the measurement report by embedding your company’s logo

  • Create and display or print measurement logs as pdf, word or excel file

Setting different languages

  • Many different languages available for gauge and software.