QNix Carcheck System Plus

With CarCheck System PLUS you can measure the coating thickness on metal�panels, supported by images and data. Simply by using user-friendly and configurable menu navigation and automated documentation. The integration of original photos in a car expert opinion provides safety for evaluations of high value and vintage cars in the used car business as well as for estimations of accident damage and insurance claims.

CarCheck System PLUS

The trendsetting paint coating measuring system: freely configurable for expert opinions on cars supported by images and data.
  • easy and intuitive to use hand held gauge with menu navigated measuring system
  • also usable for individual measurements
  • large measuring range of up to 5 mm total coating thickness
  • automated substrate recognition (Fe/NFe)
  • no time consuming calibration with reference foils
  • reliable, rugged gauge with high accuracy
  • 3 years manufacturer�s warranty � �made in Germany�
  • probe cable for tight and not easily visible areas (included in the standard scope of supply)

Reliability is the foundation of expert reports on car accidents, insurance inquiries and second-hand car assessments. With their reports, car experts provide security for car buyers and car sellers alike, especially when assessing first-class cars. The reliable inspection of coating is of the utmost importance.

The new CarCheck System PLUS provides car experts with a state-of-the-art system for coating thickness inspection. Its image and data based measurement reports stand their ground even in the court of law. Automated documentation and a menu navigation, users can configure themselves according to their needs, is a new and particularly advantageous feature. It facilitates an expert�s work, saves time and money and provides the secure foundation for any professional expert report that will stand its ground even during difficult cases in the court of law. Brochure -carcheck-system-plus_en