QNix Calibration Set A - 5 pcs Transparent (11,49,100,348,980um) Including Zeroing Plates and Case

Each set consists of five (5) transparent certified shims and is supplied in a plastic carrying QNix Case. Used to calibrate thickness gauges -Probe type Gauges.

To test the accuracy of your gauge, simply zero the gauge on a standard zero reference and then place a shim with known thickness on the zero standard. Now place you Gauge to read the measured thickness. Do this verification on a regular basis as required by some international test methods. The plastic shims protect the probe from damage. These transparent certified shims provide an economical alternative to Coated Metal Plates and have a better accuracy than coloured shims. Shims are available in the following thicknesses (0.4 mil, 1.9mil, 3.9mil, 13.5mil, 39.5mil). Readings on the shims are specified also in microns. Please note that these shims are very sensitive and may wear out when time/use. No recalibration.Test your gauge for accuracy only in the circle. These foils are to be used without wrinkles and indentations for correct adjustment of your device. Worn foils should be replaced immediately.