Special Binder Promotion

Order a BINDER MKF or MKFT Chamber and
Get a FREE BINDER Pure Water System!

Offer ends 1st January 2018

BINDER Promotion

BINDER MKF & MKFT Models: Key Features

  • Homogeneous climate conditions thanks to APT.line™ double-sided horizontal air inlet
  • Dropless, capacitive moisture sensor
  • Wide humidity range up to 98% r.h.
  • Responsive vapor pressure humidification
  • Automatic water and waste water management
  • Control and documentation software APT-COM™

BINDER MKF and MKFT Series models are available with the following internal capacities: 115, 240 and 720 Litres.

MKF Series MKFT Series

What do you get for FREE?

BINDER Promotion

  • A: Disposable cartridge PURE AQUA 300 (order no. 6011-0179)
  • B: Mounting instructions
  • C: Water hose, 3 m (metal coated hose with R3/4’’ connecting piece) (OUT)
  • D: Power adapter
  • E: Hose for drain valve
  • F: Drain valve
  • G: Conductivity measuring equipment with fill level display (5 LEDs)
  • H: Gaskets

What is a Pure Aqua Service?

BINDER Pure Aqua Service is used to treat or fully desalinate tap water if the water quality is insufficient. The ion exchange system consists of a housing, an integrated filter cartridge and a filter head. The digital quality-monitoring system is integrated in the filter head of the BINDER Pure Aqua Service and uses 10 LEDs to display the current operating condition of the filter medium.

Download the Pure Aqua Service Datahseet >>

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