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Zehntner ZYC 2400 Cylindrical Mandrel Tester

Determination of the elongation/flexibility and adhesion of test panels, coatings or related products and its resistance to cracking and/or detachment from a substrate at bending stress

Application of the bend test as quick pass/fail test with a single mandrel of specified diameter or as repeated procedure with decreasing mandrel diameters for determining the diameter of the first mandrel causing failure

Innovative, extra sturdy mandrels enable bending of comparatively thicker test panels and the use of comparatively smaller mandrel diameters

Generously sized test area allows testing of larger test panel

Sturdy design

No maintenance necessary

Easy to handle

Available in different versions and with mandrels to suit ISO and ASTM standards.

G version max. test panel thickness 100mm

K version max. test panel  thickness 45mm

2400.A.G and 2400.A.K:
• 1 cylindrical mandrel tester
• 6 mandrels according to ASTM D 522, supplied in 1 carrying case
• 1 instruction manual
• 1 certificate of manufacturer


2400.I.G and 2400.I.K:
• 1 cylindrical mandrel tester
• 12 mandrels according to ISO 1519, supplied in 1 carrying case
• 1 instruction manual
• 1 certificate of manufacturer


2400.A.G.1, 2400.A.K.1, 2400.I.G.1 and 2400.I.K.1:
• 1 cylindrical mandrel tester
• 1 mandrel according to ASTM D 522 or according to ISO 1519
• 1 instruction manual
• 1 certificate of manufacturer

Warranty: 2 years


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