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Velp GDE Enzymatic Digestion Unit

For determining dietary fibre through a series of enzymatic digestions that simulate the digestive system of the human and animal digestive tract

Dietary Fiber Analyzers

The VELP system includes a mixing water bath for the delicate enzymatic digestion phase and a filtration unit for the final filtration and washing phase.
  • Dietary fiber extraction is carried out on foods intended for human nourishment
  • AOAC (Official Methods of Analysis) proposes the enzymatic method 985.29
    Analysis by digesting with thermostable enzymes in foods and animal feeds.
    VELP Scientifica GDE and CSF6 units conform to this methodes
  • Need to perform Micro Kjeldahl method for undigested proteins
    DK20/26 or DK42/26 or DKL42/26 digesters plus UDK distillation unit

    High Reliability

    • Non-stop sample mixing for homogeneity
    • Constant temperature, no overheating of samples
    • Excellent accuracy of +0.2 °C
    • Digital timer for reproducible results

    Complete System

    • Precision, 6-position magnetic stirrer
    • Immersion heating head & water bath

    Practical Benefits

    • Transparent water bath for good visibility
    • Unattended operation frees lab staff
    • Digital display for good precision and observation


    • Use deionized water to eliminate any possible creation of limestone


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